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Real-Time Market Quotes
Symbol Bid Ask
EURUSD 1.27808 1.27819
GBPUSD 1.61270 1.61285
USDJPY 106.847 106.857
USDCHF 0.94377 0.94386
USDCAD 1.12588 1.12597
EURJPY 136.558 136.572
EURCHF 1.20625 1.20639
GBPJPY 172.316 172.340
GBPCHF 1.52203 1.52229
AUDCHF 0.82667 0.82681
AUDJPY 93.592 93.606
AUDNZD 1.10224 1.10253
AUDUSD 0.87591 0.87602
CADCHF 0.83818 0.83829
CADJPY 94.893 94.904
CHFJPY 113.205 113.216

GWGFX’s dealing center grants our traders online access all around the world. Our clients can manage their funds online without leaving their homes or offices. Aside from obtaining information on the latest events of the financial world, you can also read our forex analysis and take our trading course. In order to receive our free forex education, all you have to do is register for a demo account.

Trading Forex can offer a high yield on investment, but also carries a high level of risk. No Broker can guarantee that you will earn money. Trading in the currency markets involves the risk of a partial or full loss of investment. This must be taken into consideration by each trader in their planning to cash in on the investment. Before deciding to trade currencies or gold you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and the risk you are willing to take.

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